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Product structure

The roller is a key component of the belt conveyor, and its value accounts for about one-third of the total value of the conveyor. Its performance, quality and service life have a great influence on the whole machine. Our company has always attached great importance to the structure design and manufacturing process of the roller. Our company combines the successful experience and characteristics of internal and external belt conveyor manufacturers to design high-quality rollers with our company's characteristics. The bearing seat adopts stamped bearing seat or cast iron seat, the steel tube adopts the special steel tube for roller, the bearing adopts the large clearance bearing of Wa, Ha, Luo series, and adopts waterproof and dustproof two-way seal; the axial positioning adopts double reinforced circlip positioning and lubrication Use lithium base 3# grease with strong anti-aging performance. This kind of roller is characterized by reasonable structure, stability and reliability; low rotation resistance, flexible operation; good waterproof and dustproof performance, and the service life can reach 30,000 hours.

Production standards

The pipe cutting machine adopts a pipe cutting machine, and the steel pipe processing adopts double-head boring, one-time clamping and turning processing, which can ensure the coaxiality of the aperture at both ends and the requirements of the size and accuracy of the stop opening. The stamping bearing seat is made of cold-rolled steel plate, and there are 9 processes from blanking to forming. The roller assembly adopts first assembly and then welding. Ensure that the rotation resistance and radial runout of the roller after welding, and the quality fully meets the national standards.

Quality and performance inspection and testing of rollers

Our company has a team of scientific and technical personnel with strong detection ability. It can test various performances of rollers. The tested performance laboratory can carry out tests and tests on the performance of prevention, dustproof, rotation resistance, axial movement, and axial load-bearing capacity. Each batch of rollers must be sampled for testing. Perform 100% inspection on the three performance indicators of radial runout, axial runout, and motion resistance.

The main technical performance parameters of the roller

  Running resistance coefficient ≤0.020
  outer circle radial runout ≤0.6mm
  rotation resistance ≤1.9N
  roller axial bearing capacity ≥20000N
  axial displacement setting ≤0.25—0.3mm
  Waterproof and dustproof performance reaches JB/ZQ8008-88 standard
  service life ≥ 30000 hours


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